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Semi-Independent Living

Protect HopeCare: We protect hope by caring about young people ages 16 to 25, and giving them a stable start in their independent lives. We have two centres of accommodation and support, helping young adults achieve semi-independent living. Our support includes counselling, mentoring, career advice, and developing life skills, to help young people from turbulent backgrounds become confident and independent. 

Our locations are based in West London, Middlesex in Hayes & Wembley, however, referrals are welcome from any region.

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Helping young people

At Protect HopeCare, we believe that hope is the door that leads to possibilities. Hence, we protect hope through providing young people ages 16 to 25 with stable shared accommodation, including other unique services, to support them at this crucial stage, to feel safe, secure and valued, while developing into young responsible members of the community. We provide support for semi-independent living in Hayes and Wembley, and organise a range of activities to enhance their physical health, social health, and education. By doing this, we aim to keep them engaged, motivated, and build their confidence for the future.

How we help

1. We provide stable accommodation

2. We offer character development

3. We give overall support

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Helping young people find semi-independent accommodation

If you need help as a young adult, or if you can offer your support, call us on +44 7786 542423. Our locations are based in West London, Middlesex in Hayes & Wembley, however, referrals are welcome from any region.

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Our services for semi-independent living

Semi-independent housing support

Stable housing and accommodation is one of the most vital aspects of ensuring someone has a good start in life.

Development of life skills

Helping with confidence, social situations, finding employment, shopping, cooking, and managing finances: all these skills will be useful for a lifetime.



Many young adults benefit from mentoring, having an experienced adviser to help them through difficult decisions.

Career advice

Finding the right job can really improve your start in life, and enables a young person to achieve independence and financial stability.


Protect HopeCare offer professional counselling services for young people, to allow them to share their thoughts and feelings in confidence.

Wellness and wellbeing programs

We provide wellbeing programs including outings and activities, which can help any young person build the foundations of a long and fruitful life.


Lifelong support

Our support does not just end once a young adult leaves our accommodation. We are here for them for the whole of their lives if they need.




What makes us great?

Kind and understanding

Tenants always come back to our centre for advice and support.

Willingness to help

We offer great advice and support for accommodation.

We create success

By working with youths on various mentoring schemes.

Comfy accommodation

We have been helping & supporting youths for over 20 years.





Our success stories

Stories of our successful young residents will be added here over the coming weeks and months.

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Accommodation for youths in Hayes and Wembley. Protect HopeCare manager Susan

Ms Susan Adedokun’s Profile

MBA, BEng(Hons), CEng, MIEE

Ms Susan Adedokun is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, who specialised in Computer and Information Engineering and holds an MBA. She is currently undertaking PhD research in Energy and Power at Cranfield University. In a professional capacity, she has over 20 years of experience undertaking key strategic projects, covering both business and technical expertise, in public and private sectors globally, with major blue-chip organisations in energy, airlines, railway transport, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and a host of other industries. Susan has previously taken part in STEM mentoring in schools as part of the government's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program. She is a volunteer of 'Inspiring the Future' and visits schools for career talks and mentoring. She offers other mentoring services to the youth as part of the physical, health and social education (PHSE). Susan has also served as a school Governor. Susan has a keen passion to develop life skills in the youth, including cooking, home economics, taking part in sports and site seeing. Susan offers training in business analysis, systems development and business management courses.


Get help now

Help for young adults - accommodation, counselling, career.

If you or someone you know needs help with semi-independent living in Hayes or Wembley, get in touch.

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Find us

You can find our accommodation at 2B Lime Grove, Hayes Middlesex UB3 1JJ and at 138 Chalkhill Road, Wembley HA9 9AJ

Ladylights Golden Operations Ltd t/a Protect HopeCare Services, under Company number 10378121.